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Jet Menus – About

Jet Menus is a Cork airport (ORK, EICK) based corporate and private jet catering company that specialise in in-flight catering for Private jets and planes that use Cork airport, but can also service Dublin and Shannon airports, as well as Kerry, Waterford and Knock or Ireland West Airport.

We also offer a VIP service for corporate jets and provides a full range of private jets menus for all times of the day. Jet menus offer a full range of breakfast menus, canapés menus, lunch catering, crew catering, drinks, desserts, Irish-themed menu plus much more

Jet Menus also offer laundry, floral, private shopping services as well as specialty food options such as halal and gluten free menus .

At Cork Airport the company work in partnership but not exclusively with Weston Aviation who offer a full range of FBO services at Cork airport.

So if you are the captain or crew of a private or corporate jet and are due at Cork Airport and need catering service…Jet Menus are here to help

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